Certified Accountant

Davinder Walia

A Tax Expert of Indian descent raised in Germany, bridging financial consulting with his rich cultural background. His journey in Germany, as part of the first generation in his family, aligns with the unique challenges and prospects that expats encounter.

About me

As a Tax Expert with Indian roots and raised in Germany, I bring a unique perspective to the world of financial consulting. Being part of the first generation of my family in Germany, I understand the challenges and opportunities that expats face in this country.

My experience

With more than eight years of experience in taxation, I have established myself as an expert in this field. My professional journey began with successfully completing my training as a tax specialist in 2015, followed by qualifying as a C.A. in 2020. Additionally, in 2019, I successfully obtained the certificate for real estate loan brokerage according to § 34i GewO. This certification has enabled me to assist many expats in acquiring properties in Germany, which is one of my particular strengths. These comprehensive skills allow me to efficiently manage complex tax and real estate financing matters.

I take pride in having helped hundreds of expats achieve their financial and tax goals in Germany. My personal experience and professional background make me an ideal contact for expats navigating the complex world of finance, insurance, real estate, and tax consulting in Germany.