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Nicole Teßmann

Nicole Teßmann, 49, is a seasoned finance professional with a German background and a cheerful, open-minded nature. She has three sons and enjoys photography, running, and traveling. Her career includes roles at Sparkasse Hannover, Vodafone, ING, Swiss Life Select, and Home & Finance. In 2024, she joined Finance for Expats as a Sales Assistant. With her extensive experience and interest in new cultures, Nicole provides valuable support and advice to expats navigating their financial needs.

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As a 49-year-old professional with a cheerful and open-minded nature, I bring a wealth of experience and a genuine interest in new cultures to Finance for Expats. With a German background and three sons, I have built a diverse career in the banking and finance sector. 

My journey began with training at Sparkasse Hannover, where I worked for seven years, followed by a role as a sales manager at Vodafone. In 2015, I joined ING to support home loan consultancy. After brief stints at Swiss Life Select and Home & Finance, I joined Finance for Expats in 2024. My extensive experience and personal investment in properties equip me to provide insightful and reliable advice to expats. In my free time, I enjoy photography, running, and traveling.