Real Estate Consultant

Vanesa Valentic-Gonzaléz

Vanesa is a real estate expert with 10 years of experience in Canada and Germany, specializing in assisting expats. She's known for her strong focus on customer service and is fluent in German, English, Spanish, and Croatian.

About me

My name is Vanesa. I was born in Croatia, and I grew up in Germany. Even as a child, I was impressed with houses, their design, layout and decoration. My experience in Real Estate goes back 10 years ago when I started working at Remax as a real estate agent in Toronto where I supported both my Canadian and International clients. The expertise and knowledge I learned in North America, has been a solid foundation to further support my clients in Germany. In Germany, I also work for several Real Estate Companies such as Immocation where I have been able to bring the team to new heights and further gain my clients vote of trust and relationship.

Above all, customer service plays an important role for me. I want my customers to feel comfortable and trust me completely during the purchasing process. For over a year now, I have decided to support and guide expats in the complete process of purchasing a real estate investment and/or their primary home in Germany. I see how important it is to support our customers in order to provide them with security, guidance, peace of mind and direction. Because as I always say: "You're not buying a piece of bread here, you're buying a property" and that's why it's important to have the right expert on your side guiding you along the entire process. I am also fluent in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Croatian.