Can Blue Card Holders Secure Home and Personal Loans in Germany? Debunking Common Myths

Nov 2, 2023
Phil Leuci


In today's interconnected world, Germany continues to attract talented professionals from across the globe, all in pursuit of career opportunities and growth. Many of these individuals hold the coveted Blue Card, a residency permit that enables non-European Union citizens to live and work in Germany. However, there are several misconceptions within the expatriate community in Germany that we aim to clarify today.

Myth 1: "Blue Card Holders Cannot Obtain Loans in Germany!"

Reality: This belief is far from accurate. Numerous banks are more than willing to extend loans to Blue Card holders. While certain requirements may need to be met for loan approval, we have established partnerships with banks across Germany to facilitate loans specifically for Blue Card holders.

Navigating the complexities of real estate financing as a Blue Card holder in Germany need not be daunting. Allow Finance for Expats to serve as your guiding light, offering a seamless and stress-free experience where communication is crystal clear, and your financial goals are within reach. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a brighter financial future in Germany.

Myth 2: "Blue Card Holders Cannot Secure 100% Home Loans for Property Purchases!"

Reality: This belief is also unfounded. Many banks are open to providing 100% loans, provided your overall financial profile is sound. Elements such as your SCHUFA Score and property evaluation play a pivotal role in securing such loans. The key to obtaining a 100% loan lies in meticulous preparation, often best handled by a professional home loan consultant. In select areas of Germany, we even have the capability to secure 110% loans for Blue Card holders.

Myth 3: "Blue Card Holders Face Higher Interest Rates on Home Loans Compared to Permanent Residents or German Citizens!"

Reality: This common misconception holds little truth. In nearly all cases, the interest rate offered to you by the bank will remain consistent. If you apply for the same loan terms on the same day as a German citizen, you'll receive the identical interest rate. The only distinction lies in the willingness of certain banks to extend loans to Blue Card holders. Therefore, it's essential to explore banks with competitive offers, as failing to secure a loan from one bank may lead you to opt for a slightly more expensive offer. For banks, this can be a potential "knock-out" criterion rather than a reason to impose higher interest rates.

To discover your loan eligibility and explore your financial possibilities, schedule an appointment today with one of our Finance for Expats specialists!

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